An overview of resources found in Caesar's Triumph

All resources have value. They can be sold to other players, produce new items and bring other benefits to players. However, resources vary in terms of rarity and potential value they bring players in the game.

You can only produce resources that are found on your land (from what has been randomly generated). For example, if your village produces wheat, grapes and iron, you can only produce wheat, grapes and iron on that village. Didn’t get the resource you were looking for from the land you purchased? You can try purchasing additional land or just purchase those resources in Trajan's Market!


There are 9 different resources found across villages in Caesar's Triumph. New use cases for resources and items are being added frequently. An overview of each resource is provided below.

Wheat and Wood - 27% Rarity

  • Wheat is used to produce bread (requires a bakery); bread increases max troops available in battle. Also use bread to train centurions.

  • Wood is used as a building input when adding new structures. It is also used to build stick walls in battle.

Grapes and Stone - 13% Rarity

  • Grapes are used to produce wine (requires a winery)

  • Stones are used as a building supply when adding new structures. It is also used to build stone walls in battle.

Fish and Clay - 7% Rarity

  • Fish is a food source that doesn’t require an extra building. Fish is used to increase your max troops available in battle.

  • Clay is a sought after building resource used in upgrades

Horses - 3% rarity

  • Horses are used to bring temporary increases in troop production rate (bringing your troops to the battlefield quicker).

Iron - 1.6% rarity

  • Iron is used to produce swords (requires a Blacksmith). Iron is also used in battle to construct fortified walls.

Marble - 0.8% rarity

  • Marble is a rare building material. In the near future, marble will unlock the ability to create new statues to the gods. These will be constructed with marble and each will bring unique benefits to the village, town or city where it sits. For example, the Statue of Bacchus will bring increased wine production. The Statue of Ares will bring increased troop production. These statues will be incredibly rare!

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