Frequently Asked Questions

Something got you confused? Here you can find answers to most questions you may have.

What is Caesar's Triumph?

The setting is Ancient Rome. Caesar's Triumph takes the best in resource-production games and combines them with the best in strategic conquest games to create a mega-world of economic, political, and military strategy. The main objective is to rise in power to the level of a Senator, and ultimately, become Caesar.

What do I need to get started?

While not a requirement to play the game, we encourage players to install Metamask. Metamask is a simple way to run Ethereum dapps on your browser. It is a 3rd-party extension for the Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers. It can be downloaded and more information can be found here.

Here’s a helpful video to get started with Metamask:

How do I get Ether to make purchases?

To use Metamask for Caesar's Triumph, you will require ETH in your Metamask wallet. Everyone has the option to use a 3rd-party cryptocurrency exchange to purchase ETH and send it to their Metamask wallet's address.

If you live in the US, you have the ability to purchase ETH directly through Metamask using their Coinbase widget.

How do I make purchases?

1) Using a credit card. Easy!

2) Metamask: Once ETH is in your Metamask wallet, you will be able to make a purchase using Metamask. When you select an item to purchase, you will be required to submit the transaction in the Metamask app. You will notice a nominal gas charge, which is a normal fee paid to the individuals that host and protect the Ethereum blockchain.

Can I just use a credit card?

Yes! We’ve made it possible for players to store purchases made with a credit card in the GigLabs Ethereum wallet vault. At anytime, the user will be able to transfer their purchases to an Ethereum wallet of their choice.

In order to make purchases with a credit card, users will need to login using Google or through the standard email and password.

We accept VISA, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard. See our Terms and Conditions for additional information.

How can I view my purchased assets?

When you enter the Caesar's Triumph portal, click on “My Assets”. This will display all of the assets you own in Caesar's Triumph. This can be villages, Centurions and other tokens purchased.

Can I still get land?

Yes, the total available token supply is 50,000 village tokens. We will keep selling the tokens until the village supply is exhausted.

Do I need to purchase a village to play?

Nope, although it opens up many doors. We want all new players to experience the battle game. With this in mind, all players receive a bonus 500 troops each day. You can think of these troops as “borrowed” from Caesar’s personal legion. He is a generous leader! Take those troops into battle and win some prizes!

What is the difference between cities, towns and villages?

Through the power of the ERC-998 tokens we’ve implemented in Caesar's Triumph, players can convert three Villages into a Town and gain an increase in resource production on those Villages. Players can also convert three Towns into a City and gain an additional increase in resource production.

  • 3 Villages = 1 Town >> Gain 5% increase in village production

  • 3 Towns = 1 City >> Gain 5% increase in village production

Is there a limit to the amount of resources each land type can hold?


Can I play on my smartphone or tablet?

Unlike most blockchain based games, Caesar's Triumph is supported on your phone and tablet. We are able to do this through the ability to tie Ethereum addresses to the unique accounts we create. The game will initially be accessible on your phone and tablet via mobile browser. Our roadmap includes plans for native apps for both Android and iPhone as well.

Can I sell my land and resources?

Yes! The Caesar's Triumph Marketplace allows Caesar's Triumph citizens to sell and purchase land and other assets. Caesar's Triumph citizens will also be able to sell and attain the resources necessary to support their battle efforts throughout the rest of the Roman Empire, modify their land, and add buildings that will enhance their land and military might.

Can I modify my land?

Each piece of land in Caesar's Triumph will be of a specific terrain. This land can be modified through industry and upgrades to mines and farms. These modifications are represented by smart contracts that are attached to the land smart contract. Modifications improve land resource production and permit citizens of Caesar's Triumph to construct larger armies and battle equipment to improve their efficiency in the battles.

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