Land Composer

Convert your Villages into Towns and Towns into Cities

Through the power of the ERC-998 tokens we’ve implemented in Caesar's Triumph, players can convert three Villages into a Town and gain an increase in resource production on those Villages. Players can also convert three Towns into a City and gain an additional increase in resource production.

  • 3 Villages = 1 Town —> Gain 5% increase in Village production

  • 3 Towns = 1 City —> Gain 5% increase in Town production

You can visit the Land Composer from the Land page under My Assets.

  1. Select the villages you want to compose into a Town.

2. Click Compose New Land

3. All done! You've created a brand new Town token. You can now manage your asset all under one token, which also means you can sell the Town as one token and it will include the three underlying villages!

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