Attacking Strategy

Tips, tricks and allies for defeating your opponents.

The Scout

The Scout brings two benefits to the attacking player. First, a Scout allows a player to reveal the actual amount of troops the current leader has on a piece of land when that leader has used wine (since players do not know how much wine the leader has used). Second, when a wall is placed on the card, the Scout will reveal the type of wall (stick, stone or fortified). However, the Scout will not be able to tell you the level of the wall.

To use the Scout, click on the mischievous looking icon on the land card. In the example below, notice that the scout revealed 20 hidden troops!


If you own Cavalry horses, you can deploy them prior to attacking a card to reduce the defender army troop count.

To deploy cavalry forces, click on the horse icon on a land card.

  • Light Cavalry: Each light cavalry attack will take out 2% of the defending army troop count.

  • War Horse: A Roman Horse attack will take out 30% of the defending army troop count!

Horses are available for purchase in the War Horse Market!

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