Battles Overview

An epic battle awaits! Caesar's Triumph features daily real-time multiplayer battles where you’ll take your armies against other players.


The objective is to obtain the most overall points or most points in any given region for the day. Points are obtained by winning land cards. Whoever obtains the most overall points in a 24 hour period will be Caesar, and the players with the most total points in each of the 4 regions will be awarded Senatorships (Caesar cannot also be a Senator).

In support of improved matchmaking in the battle game (i.e. more balanced), Caesar's Triumph features three battlefields (more on this below). Players progress through battlegrounds based on Battle Experience Points. These Battle Experience Points are gained through:

  • Win Caesar: +50

  • Win Senator: +20 (can only earn these points 1x daily)

  • Land points: Every 10 points won in battle earns you 1 Battle XP (max 10)

The most Battle Experience Points a player can earn in a day is 60.

Players can view their total Battle Experience Points in the Profile Page.


The rankings system is used to place players into one of three assigned battlegrounds — Battleground I, II and III. This allow for more competitive battles as players are lined up against similar experienced players. The higher the battleground, the better the prizes.

Caesar’s Legion Troops!

We want all new players to experience the battle game. With this in mind, all players receive a bonus 500 troops each day. You can think of these troops as “borrowed” from Caesar’s personal legion. He is a generous leader! These troops are automatically added to the troop production numbers.

To summarize, each day, all players get 500 troops plus all of the troops generated from their lands.

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