Land Details

How you build and improve your village is your decision. You own it after all!

Land Details

When visiting their village, players will be presented with the production details of their village.

Resource Production: This displays the type and the daily production rates of resources found on the village.

Items Daily Production Capacity: The production rates for items produced by various structures that are added to a village.

Troops Production: The daily troop production rate from your land and its barracks

Land Slots

A village contains six slots for producing resources or placing buildings. All villages come with three slots filled with randomly generated farms or mines that produce resources. The remaining slots can be used to place structures that unlock new items.

Players can upgrade their resource production with denari (the in-game gem). The cost to upgrade (i.e. produce more) is dependent on the value of the resource. So, for example, it will cost more denari to upgrade the production of marble than to upgrade the production of wood.

Players place new structures on a village in order to produce new items in the game. Place these structures strategically based on a number of factors. Is the value of wine in the Marketplace high? It might make sense to build a winery. Is your sole focus on building up a massive army? Add three barracks! You have many options when it comes to building on your village. Players level up the production capacity of these structures with different building materials (Wood, Stone, Clay and Marble).

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