Defending Strategy

Some say it's harder to defend the land than to win it. Here are tips and allies you can rely on when defending your land.

After winning a land card, you have several options to consider when defending your land.

Send in reinforcements

At anytime when you are in control of a card, you can add more troops to the card to increase the size of your army.


Drinking wine protects your troops in battle (in Roman times, wine was often better to drink than water since the alcohol killed the bacteria and pathogens).

To use wine, click on the wine icon on a land card.

Wine may only be used by the player with the most troops on a piece of land (you won't see a wine icon unless you have the most troops on the land card). Players can use wine up to the amount equal to 20% of the troops on the card. Players receive a random 1–5 bonus troops for each bottle of wine used. For example: If I place 1,000 troops on the card, I can use up to 200 bottles of wine. This gives me anywhere from 200–1,000 extra troops on the card.

When consumed, a shield icon appears next to the "High troops" count. This means that all other players who view the "High Troops" will not know what the actual high troop amount is - it is hidden (instead, they will see the previous high value prior to wine consumption). Players who want to take over the lead must add enough troops to surpass the total protected troop amount.

Example: Caesar is the current leader with 50 troops and gives 5 bottles of wine to the troops. Doing so added 15 troops of protection (5 bottles can bring anywhere from 5 to 25 additional troops). All other players will still see "High Troops: 50", but to overtake Caesar, they will need to allocate more than 65 troops to the battle.


When you take control of a card, you can build a wall to further add to your defense. Walls are built with different resources.

  • Wood is used to build stick walls (5% added defense)

  • Stone is used to build stone walls (15% added defense)

  • Iron is used to build fortified walls (30% added defense)

All walls will gain strength the longer you consecutively hold the card. Walls increase in levels and gain 3% strength every 10 minutes.

Attacking players will only know that a wall has been placed on the card, but will not know the type of wall or the level of the wall.

Here’s an example:- Caesar takes Card 23 with 100 troops.- He places a Stick Wall on the card as soon as he takes the card. Level 1 stick walls decrease attacker troop counts by 5% of your defending troops.- Caesar holds the card for 20 minutes. The wall is now Level 3 and the leveled up benefit is a 11% attacker disadvantage.- Anyone who tries to attack Caesar will lose 11 troops immediately (they never got past the wall!). [i.e. 11% * 100 troops = 11 attacker troops lost]


Centurions are available for use in battle. Players can deploy a centurion on a land where they have troops to get a troop bonus on that card for the remainder of the battle.

Centurions can level up, providing additional troop strength. Centurions gain Experience by doing activities in the Battle of Sicily. There are several ways to gain XP:

  1. Drinking Wine: The Centurion can drink 5 bottles of wine to gain 5 XP

  2. Training: Centurions can train for 12 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours, gaining 2XP, 5XP, or 15 XP for each training level.

  3. Send to Battle: Using your Centurion in battle will provide 5 XP

  4. Search and Rescue (Level 10 Centurions and up): Using a Centurion retrieve all stranded troops and 35% of lost troops from a card you are no longer high troop leader. Gain 5XP for this action.

Centurions add a 5% bonus per level to the land card they are deployed. They can be leveled up to a bonus of 250%!

Centurions can be purchased HERE.

Defenders (for land you won)

Land that you held at the end of the battle will be defended with bonus troops the next day! The amount of defenders you get is equal to 25% of the number of troops you used to win the land the previous day (i.e. the survivors). These troops will be placed automatically at the start of each day so it is important to arrive early to ensure your troops survival!

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