Your land is your everything in Caesar's Triumph!

Your armies come from your villages. Build on and improve your land, increase resource production and enhance its value. You can choose to sell it (and its resources) directly in our Marketplace to other players for real money.

There are three types of land in Caesar's Triumph: Villages, Towns and Cities. You can convert three villages into a town and three towns into a city, gaining a coordination and efficiency bonus along the way.

Land Overview

Land in Caesar's Triumph has real value. The resources produced on land are needed to advance in the game and therefore have significance within the Caesar's Triumph economy.

A village contains six slots for producing resources or placing buildings. All villages come with three slots filled with randomly generated farms or mines that produce resources.

When a land card (Village, Town or City) is generated, it will display the type and number of resources produced by that land. Examples of a Village, Town and City card are above.

Note: When you purchase a new village you have earned naming rights! Names are permanent. The name you give the village will be forever held in Caesar's Triumph blockchain history!

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